Revisiting the FIC event

This year again, Systancia was present at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) which took place in the town of Lille on 23 and 24 January. Systancia participated at the Cyber Centre of Excellence and organized a conference on the theme “PAM: digital confidence does not exclude control!”. The 2018 edition of FIC  generously rewarded Systancia with new labels.

IPdiva Secure obtains the ANSSI* Security Visa

During the FIC event, ANSSI*announced the creation of a Security Visa to make certified and qualified solutions easily identifiable. ANSSI explained: “While there are many and various cybersecurity solutions available on the market, they are not all equally effective, robust and trustworthy. Aware of the need for clarification of this market, ANSSI launches the Security Visa. The Security Visa issued by ANSSI makes it possible to easily identify the most reliable solutions following an evaluation performed by laboratories licensed in accordance with rigorous and tried methods. Depending on the context and need, this Visa takes the form of a certification or qualification, recognized in France and internationally”.

ANSSI unveils its guide of qualified solutions including IPdiva Secure

ANSSI presented its guide of qualified products, emphasizing the considerable added value of these solutions. ANSSI states the reasons for  considering these solutions reliable: “Demonstrating compliance with the regulatory, technical and security requirements promoted by ANSSI, the qualification indicates the French state’s recommendation for cyber security products or services that have been proven and approved by ANSSI. The qualification ensures a product’s robustness, the service provider’s competence, and guarantees the product or service supplier’s commitment to comply with  the criteria of reliability. In this first guide of qualified solutions Systancia is present with its product IPdiva Secure.

International Cybersecurity Forum

Avencis Hpliance and Avencis SSOX labelled France Cybersecurity

Following the previous certification of IPdiva Secure in 2017, Systancia was rewarded again by the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs – Mounir Mahjoubi, and obtained the France Cybersecurity label for its Avencis Hpliance solution, an identity and authorization management solution (IAM).
The France Cybersecurity Label is a guarantee for end users that the certified products and services are made in France and possess clear and well-defined functionalities, with a level of quality established by an independent panel.
This guarantee is provided by  verification of the observance of the label’s specifications and the scrutiny of information on quality and performance provided by the solution provider. This guarantee is particularly supported by, when they do exist, prior cybersecurity certifications, qualifications and labelling and by a relevant third-party evaluation.
In addition, the Avencis SSOX solution, an SSO authentication solution, which had been labelled in 2016, was once again labelled with the France Cybersecurity label during this 2018 edition of the FIC.
*ANSSI is the French national authority in the area of cyberdefence and network and information security (NIS)