Windows 10 on a connected watch?

As a little kid from the suburbs of Paris, how I loved to gaze at the animated shop windows of the big downtown department stores. It was always a source of enchantment, and it never lost its magic. Later this developed into a fascination for the skills, technical prowess and labor of the nameless artisans and talented creators of the products displayed in the big stores. Just as gazing at the shop window of a talented pastry maker can be as enjoyable as actually eating the tasty dishes on display, pleasure doesn’t have to be about possession. The beauty of an object, its perfection, the quality of the chosen materials, reveal the work of the artisan who created his work with passion. This passion dwells in the object. You feel it. You experience it. If you’ve never felt this, then make your way right now to a certain very prestigious store on the corner of Faubourg St Honoré. Maybe you’ll meet a textile printer there, a magician with colors, able to putting dozens and dozens of colors onto just a few square inches of silk.
You’ll never be able to see that object the same way again. It’s true, you may tell me, that buying it would be a luxury. Well, you’re right and I don’t have the will to do that. My umbrella is an exception though, it’s from one of Aurillac’s last two factories, in perfect condition, and I’ve always kept it with me in Paris for the last four, slightly acid, rainy seasons and I must admit, cost several euros more than those soft, plastic, ersatz, foreign-made versions.
Passion. Skills. In this age of instant consumerism, these artisans know how to take the time that’s needed. They know what patience is, and each day they re-live Nicolas Boileau’s maxim: “Go over your work 20 times, polish it ceaselessly, and polish it again”. A lesson of humility for our modern times, where everything goes very quickly, or rather everything gives the impression of going quickly.
So when one of the prestigious French luxury brands decided to offer a connected watch, I had to take a closer look at it. A very beautiful object, of course. Yes, but what is it used for? What could a software editor of application and desktop virtualization software possibly do with a connected watch?
Well, pretty much the same as we do with smartphones right now. Flashback. One of the innovations of the latest version of AppliDis, BoxOnAir is a totally new way of looking at mobility. Your smartphone, has as a result, become a secure tool where you can see all your familiar applications and even your virtual desktop. By just moving a finger, you can “launch” them on any media and then start working as usual. The media could be a connected television, a PC in a hotel or on the other side of the planet, a tablet, Mac in a cyber café. There’s no limit. Your applications and your desktop are in your pocket. You work wherever you want, whenever you want, without the constraint of having a physical workstation. The first users are flooding us with new ideas about all the ways they can use this.
When he saw our demonstration of AppliDis BoxOnAir, Eric Debray, a blogger who specializes in digital technologies for business, had the idea that what we were doing with a smartphone, we could offer him with a connected watch. That’s a fairly logical transposition, but we have to admit that we hadn’t thought of it. And for all the more reason, because the technical implementation was complex. But not complex enough to faze the software experts in our Sausheim R&D center.
So to make a long story short, my connected watch contains all my regular Windows applications and my virtual desktop, running Windows 10. One simple gesture on my watch and the application (or my virtual desktop) which I peacefully started working with in my office this morning, will be launched on a PC in the hotel where I just arrived. I want to be able to work on this PC. Or on any other media. Without any constraints The access hardware has become irrelevant. Applications are king again, after all, the essential thing is to be able to work with my everyday applications as easily as possible.