With IPdiva Cleanroom, Systancia is revolutionizing the market thanks to a new approach to cybersecurity

Systancia, a recognized French player in cybersecurity, virtualization and identity management, introduces IPdiva Cleanroom, a global cybersecurity solution that meets the growing security requirements of IT administrator workstations. Thanks to IPdiva Cleanroom, Systancia provides the IT industry with what has long been required in medicine: a single-use, sterile and monitored working environment. A new approach that has already convinced the Klesia group, a major and innovative player in social protection.
Systancia’s cleanroom principle combines the performance, virtualization agility and security provided by privileged user monitoring mechanisms in order to meet the growing security requirements of administrator workstations. Systancia is the only player to master and offer a complete solution, by combining virtualization and cybersecurity to definitively address the security problems of privileged users’ workstations.

A new security standard, inspired by the medical sector

An IT administrator has strategic missions for any organization and for the security of its data. However, their current tools are not up to the challenges and needs of companies: their workstations are not for single use and are exposed to daily threats.
It is common practice for an administrator to use the same workstation to perform critical tasks on information systems as well as traditional daily tasks (checking e-mails, internal instant messaging, etc.) or personal tasks (personal e-mails, social networks, etc.), which goes against the ANSSI’s recommendations and can potentially be a major risk for the company.
Systancia was inspired by the medical sector to create a new approach and a new standard in IT security, to ensure that the strategic missions of administrators are managed in a single-use, sterile environment, monitored and dissociated from any other tasks from a single workstation: the Cleanroom.

  • Single Use: When the administrator connects to his workstation, the IPdiva Cleanroom solution generates a virtual machine with all his tools and applications. When he logs out, the virtual machine is deleted. When he reconnects, a new single-use virtual machine is created.
  • Sterile: A virtualized environment, i.e. a confined environment, is by definition sealed against the viruses present on the workstation.
  • Monitored: The administrator’s session is recorded with live streaming features for real-time viewing and interpretation of the administrator’s behavior to ensure it is the one expected.

Immune against viruses, untouched by attack, this single-use virtual desktop is renewed at each launch, like a sealed airlock.
Like a syringe used for an injection, the question is no longer whether the workstation is protected from viruses or sterile, the rule is to change it for each new use.

Download Systancia Cleanroom, formerly IPdiva Cleanroom datasheet

“Systancia is the only publisher with a presence in the VDI, PAM and SSO markets. By combining these technologies within IPdiva Cleanroom, Systancia provides the IT administrators with an innovative, original and global solution,” concludes Christophe Corne, Founder and Chairman of Systancia’s Management Board.

About Systancia

Founded in 1998, Systancia is a recognized French software vendor in virtualization and cybersecurity, offering the next generation of application delivery infrastructure focused on users and security: application virtualization and VDI solutions, external access security, privileged access management (PAM), single sign-on (SSO), and identity management (IAM). Building on R&D as a growth engine, the Alsatian publisher relies on the technological value of its products and the closeness between its teams and its customers to meet the needs of users. Agile and in constant search of innovations, Systancia often outstrips the market leaders, breaking down the last barriers standing in front of it.
In 2017, Systancia achieved a turnover of 6.4 million euros and has 82 employees in three locations: Sausheim, Paris and Rennes.