With IPdiva Safe 3, Systancia provides Information System monitoring in real time

With IPdiva Safe 3, Systancia provides Information System monitoring in real time

Systancia, a recognized French cybersecurity software editor, is launching IPdiva Safe, today Systancia Cleanroom, a revised version of IPdiva Care, its privileged access management (PAM) solution. Enhanced with new advanced analytics and forecasting features, IPdiva Safe aims to remove cyber threats and prevent them from escalating. Passive until now, information system monitoring is now becoming active, with real-time notifications of incidents and security breaches.
IPdiva Safe

Today, privileged access to information systems has become the “Achilles’ heel” of many organizations. An increasing number of different users are interacting with the IS of enterprises, involving gigabytes of data to be stored for each one of them. However, if a problem occurs, finding the action that is responsible for it is often long and tedious. This results in problematic actions that are often found too late. How then, can an enterprise guarantee the security of external accesses to its IS?
The IPdiva Safe solution helps companies to protect their critical IT assets – data, servers, terminals and connected objects – by enhancing traceability through the video recording of actions performed by third parties (privileged employees, nomad employees, service providers, maintenance third parties, etc.) who remotely access the digital infrastructure. Thanks to a live streaming functionality, several sessions can be followed in parallel, allowing the administrator to act more easily in case of doubt. This allows for complete visibility and reactivity, both of which are requirements to meet the increasingly stringent requirements to track and audit connections to sensitive servers.

Smart and real-time search engine

Viewing videos is good, but being able to search for a precise piece of information among several hundred hours of video is better!
In this new version, IPdiva Safe 3 is now offering search functions based on a smart search engine which allows users to search for logged texts, actions or events, and to get results in real time.
This allows the administrator to identify in just a few seconds the problematic session, without having to view the entire video, thus saving precious time for the IT team.

Proactive monitoring and automatic suspension of problematic actions

IPdiva Safe 3’s dashboard works like a real control room and makes it easy to manage the records of virtual sessions.
In accordance with customizable settings, the administrator receives real time notifications related to user-generated events. Thanks to a high level of analysis and research capability, Systancia’s search engine identifies what could be an incident in real time and retrieves it as an alert. Intrusion is no longer detected when the damage is detected, but as soon as a suspicious behavior is identified.
This advanced notification system ensures optimal and real-time traceability and supervision of external accesses to the IS. Based on the information gathered, IPdiva Safe’s smart engine also allows protective actions that automatically stop the malicious user (for example, the suspension of their current session). This is a unique market feature, which Systancia’s R&D teams have developed for this new version.
The Archive function, which allows all previously-registered videos to be viewed, also stands out from existing market solutions. On a single interface, the administrator can view one or more videos, for which they have synthetic and visual information through color coding: date, duration, video size and the number of events detected according to their level of alert. Thanks to an agent installed on the target server, searches reach unprecedented levels of detail, both on applications and on processes.

Password Safe

Another new feature is the password safe. As a real digital bunker, it allows for a centralized user authentication and identification management by storing all usernames and passwords in relation with the published resources. It is a native functionality that can be activated according to needs, and for which Systancia has capitalized on the expertise of its Avencis SSOX, today Systancia Access solution, which received the France Cybersecurity label.