Workplace Experience, a challenge for companies in 2020?

workplace experience

The Workplace Experience corresponds to all the experiences of an employee within an organization. These experiences will be decisive for his professional development, his ability to create value by aggregating skills and knowledge through a maximized collaboration, and ultimately to participate to the achievement of the organization’s objectives.

Keys to a successful Workplace Experience

The availability of a unique work environment, regardless of the access device, regardless of whether the user is at the company’s premises or on the move, is the foundation of a successful workplace experience.

To provide a successful user experience to your employees, you must focus on some subjective characteristics such as usability, appearance, aesthetics, pleasure and emotion, in addition to standard characteristics such as efficiency, security or reliability.

The trend for 2020

At a time when the software offer for private users is colossal, the user experience is fundamental. Users are now accustomed to simple, ergonomic and intuitive applications and are looking for a similar experience in a professional environment. Building a work environment that provides satisfaction to employees is becoming one of the most important challenges for CIOs.

Building tomorrow’s Workplace Experience

  • Provide employees with efficient access to all their applications from any type of access device, conventional PC, thin client, tablet, or smartphone. This is possible thanks to our Systancia Workplace product, formerly AppliDis Fusion. Working based on a remote display protocol, applications are run within a server infrastructure and therefore inherit optimized processing performances, agnostically at the workstation. The speed of access to the work environment, the ability for users to have access to their digital workplace at any time, from any device and any connection point, is a considerable asset for CIOs trying to achieve user satisfaction. From an administration point of view, the centralization of the infrastructure significantly reduces the maintenance burden on client workstations, facilitates the management of access to resources, and allows to provide users with applications requiring heterogeneous OS bases and execution environments (Cloud vs On-Premise) within the same workplace.
  • Provide secure access to company resources from everywhere, regardless of the work context (at the office, on the move, teleworking, service providers). Systancia Gate (formerly IPdiva Secure), which is natively integrated with our Systancia Workplace solution, provides highly secure access to Information System resources for external users, whether they are mobile, teleworkers or outsourcing companies. Systancia Gate infrastructure offers an optimum level of security, operating on the principle of least privilege, i.e. granting users a network access specifically targeted to the desired resource, unlike conventional VPN infrastructures. In addition, Systancia Gate’s atypical architecture allows administrators to provide internal IS resources without the need to open up incoming network flows. The ANSSI’s (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) CSPN (first level security certification) certification of the product in the field of “identification, authentication and access control” certifies the level of security of the solution.
  • Promote transparent security for users when authenticating to any application, on-premise or in the cloud. Our Systancia Access solution (formerly Avencis SSOX), also contributes to strengthen the protection of users’ work environments, via a secure management of transparent user authentication to all his applications, On-Premise or in the Cloud. In addition, the user experience is also optimized by relieving employees of the tedious management of a multitude of specific access accounts. In this way, they can focus their attention on business resources rather than on access methods.
    • Move towards an increasingly intelligent user experience, based on the AI. Our continuous authentication solution, Systancia Cleanroom Authograph, guarantees the identity of the person who has authenticated to his or her workstation thanks to a behavioral analysis. Based on Machine Learning technology, Systancia Cleanroom will learn more about the employee by analyzing his or her behavior (mouse and keyboard use) in real time in order to better protect them if their session is usurped by a malicious person. Similarly, by analyzing the user behavior during working hours, the user experience performance is optimized by preloading applications at time slots when the user is most likely to be using an application.

       Through a centralized management, efficient and intuitive administration consoles, and by focusing on business resources rather than on access management, Systancia’s platform is the key to a successful Workplace Experience.