Massive teleworking: GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences adopts Systancia Gate to allow its hospital staff to work from home without compromising the IT security of the healthcare entity.

GHU Paris Psychiatry & Neurosciences

Paris, April 20, 2020 – Systancia, a European specialist in cybersecurity and application virtualization solutions, is supporting the University Hospital Group from Paris – GHU Paris psychiatry & neurosciences, with the deployment of Systancia Gate, its teleworking solution. During this health crisis period, the solution is provided free of charge as a Cloud service thanks to OVHCloud. This collaboration allows employees to work remotely, without compromising the hospital group’s entire IT system.  

Amré ABOU ALI, Chief Information Systems Security Officer (CISO) at GHU Paris, speaks about the deployment conditions of Systancia Gate and the benefits of this secure teleworking solution made in France. 


Covid-19: Promote teleworking without compromising the IT security of organizations. 

The GHU Paris contacted Systancia to provide employees whose functions allow it, an easy and secure access to their workstations from home: “We had implemented various actions before the announcement of the general containment in order to prepare for the telework context: provision of laptops when possible, securing remote access, etc. We had to give our employees seamless secure access to their own workstations to avoid vulnerabilities. We were already working with Systancia, so we approached the company – like other organizations – from the first weekend of containment,” explains Amré ABOU ALI, CISO of GHU Paris. 

As soon as the general containment was announced, in order to contain the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, all organizations – including hospitals – had to continue providing working conditions for their staff by allowing them to work remotely.  

Placed in the front line to meet the increased demand for care due to the epidemic, hospitals also had to plan the implementation of massive teleworking, which was new for administrations but also for the hospital sector, which was discovering this practice very widely.  


Systancia Gate, for a secure and safe teleworking. 

Thanks to the efficiency and availability of Systancia’s teams and under the guidance of the entity’s Functional Support Coordinator, Antoine BARRACHON, Systancia Gate was deployed and configured very quickly, in just one weekend, allowing around a hundred emplyees working in various departments (HR, invoicing, communication, etc.) to continue their activities as best as possible.  

It was easy to activate Systancia Gate. The implementation and user training was carried out without difficulty. The double authentication system protects remote access from 90% of standard attacks. In addition, the use of HTML5 technology allows users to access their remote desktop via their browser, which facilitates the use of the solution. No need to install an extension. On the other hand, it also separates the user’s actions on the desktop from those on the system, thus making both spaces sealed. With Systancia Gate, we are therefore able to allow our employees to work from home – whether they use their personal computer or not – while protecting the hospital’s information system,” adds Amré ABOU ALI, CISO of GHU Paris. 

Not a widespread practice in hospitals, massive teleworking cannot therefore be done to the detriment of hospital IT security while the Covid19 epidemic is still raging and putting the organization under great pressure. Not to mention the growing number of cyber attacks targeting hospitals (denial of service, phishing, ransomware, etc.). 

The Systancia Gate solution, based on the principle of Zero Trust (ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access), allows to use any desktop, including personal computers, to enter the network of companies, administrations or hospitals, which would not be possible with an older technology such as VPN (Virtual Private Network). Deployed in just a few hours, Systancia Gate allows the provide to several thousand workers the same working environment as the one used daily at the office.  

Hospitals information systems are fragile. They are hyper-connected and generate numerous flows, in particular the circulation of highly sensitive health data coveted by hackers who may use it to request a ransom. It is therefore essential to take all possible security measures. 


About the University Hospital Group (GHU) Paris psychiatry & neurosciences 

On January 1, 2019, the Maison Blanche, Perray-Vaucluse, and Sainte-Anne hospitals joined forces to become the University Hospital Group (GHU) Paris psychiatry & neurosciences. With 170 places of medical care (ambulatory, hospitalization, emergencies) spread throughout the French capital, the three merged entities have become the leading hospital player in Paris for mental illness and nervous system disorders. A total of 66,000 users, i.e. 1 Parisian out of 40, are welcomed each year by the 5,600 health professionals of the GHU, which employs 600 doctors. With its university character, the GHU Paris stands out for its training, teaching and research in psychiatry, neurological disorders and empowerment 


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