Systancia, the French champion of cybersecurity and virtualization

Article published in Les Echos, June 15th, 2018.

At a time when specialists are predicting largescale and increasingly frequent cyber-attacks, Systancia provides a range of appropriate solutions. Founded in 1998 by Christophe Corne, the company is not only a pioneer in the field of cyber security, but is also one of the world leaders in desktop virtualization. A possibility for its customers to streamline and drastically reduce their costs. Today, Systancia is the only software publisher to combine these two activities in this market.
Among its many solutions, it offers the only qualified product recommended by the ANSSI (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information), the National Cybersecurity Agency of France, in the technical field of “Identification, authentication and access control”. IPdiva Secure has thus received the First Level Security Certificate then the Elementary Level Qualification and is used by administrations and operators of vital importance (OVI). It has also been certified France Cybersecurity since last year.
Systancia’s latest innovation, IPdiva Cleanroom, has been designed specifically for information systems administrators, key elements of any company, who are subject to increasingly demanding requirements (including a confidentiality obligation). These specialists have access to the company’s most sensitive data from the same computer running standard user activities. This approach, recommended by the ANSSI, has inspired the idea of going further by separating these two activities from the same computer, via a secure virtual desktop strictly dedicated to system administrator activities. “Immune against viruses, untouched by attacks, this single-use virtual desktop is renewed at each user launch, like a sealed airlock,” says Christophe Corne.

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